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Date: 03/09/04-03:58:03 PM Z
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--- Eric Nelson <> wrote:
> I chose muslin for 2 reasons: I had tons of it lying
> around for backdrops, and it is really cheap. Never

I see. I also would like to use muslin but I'm making
these prints for selling at a "handmade objects shop"
and the shop owner insists on silk.

> ...
> So silk may be a great fabric in some respects but
> may
> vary by manufacturer effecting receivability to
> cyanotype, et al. I've never tried it.

My first tests are promising (I tried ecru crepe
d'amour and ecru satin-organdy). I liked the
satin-organdy version most (especially when viewed
from the back side - the image ghostly emerges thru
the ultra thin threads on the fabric, best to
overexpose by 1-2 stops for adequate density on the
back) but crepe d'amour also is nice; richer in

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