A little more on PMK

From: Don Bryant ^lt;dstevenbryant@mindspring.com>
Date: 03/07/04-11:03:23 PM Z
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My diss`ing of PMK for UV printing is based on my personal experience
with the developer. After talking to Bob Herbst at APIS 2001 he
convinced me not to continue to use it, especially after looking at my
emerald green stained negatives. He looked at one Tri-X negative and
told me almost exactly what the printing time was for that neg (about 27
min, he said 25).

I discovered due to some incredibly long UV print exposure times the PMK
stain faded significantly, so I'm wondering if this effect is common to
just PMK or all pyro developers. So in my mind less heavy stain has many

Something to think about,

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