Re: Charcoal Prints? Direct Carbon and I.C.I

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The whole Fresson issue is intriguing.

Good luck to you too.

At 05:25 PM 3/7/2004, you wrote:
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> > There were many folks in the past who came up with a direct carbon process
> > that claimed it was the same as the Fresson process. Somehow some folks
> > feel that attaching the name Fresson adds some value to what they are
>Yes Dick, But these many folks, did they apply the acid test by developing
>their paper in exactly the same way as is published by both Echague and
>who were very closely connected with the Fresson system?
> The I.C.I. Direct Carbon paper can be developed either by the much talked
>about sawdust method or by the "Arvel" method which is by soaking the
>print in
>a weak sodium hypochlorite bath and then clearing with a fine water spray.
> I.C.I stands for Interface Carbon Imbibition. Personally, I would
> prefer
>to forget the name Fresson as it is acting as a barrier to the acceptance of
>any new research that may be coming up and, as you intimate, there is some
>cudos attached to the name which after all does have some value by the
>reputation of the print characteristics and quality. Interesting to note
>that no
>comments have ever been made in public by the Fressons about any of the
>systems which have been suggested. Nadeau, on the other hand, on this list
>has often disputed claims by people working in Direct carbon that tey were
>anything like Fresson.
> Yes, of course I will be trying to sell my
>system but wish the Fressons well in their continuation of marketing their
>to those who appreciate the genre of this Direct Carbon technique....... but,
>to put it mildly, it would be nice to hope that others might get a little
>nibble of the cake appart from making the process available to the
>thousands of
>students of photography who may be trying to escape from the onslaught of
> Good luck with your Carbon tissue project. Havnt heard from you in a
> while.
> John - Photographist
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