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> There were many folks in the past who came up with a direct carbon process
> that claimed it was the same as the Fresson process. Somehow some folks
> feel that attaching the name Fresson adds some value to what they are
Yes Dick, But these many folks, did they apply the acid test by developing
their paper in exactly the same way as is published by both Echague and Nadeau
who were very closely connected with the Fresson system?
   The I.C.I. Direct Carbon paper can be developed either by the much talked
about sawdust method or by the "Arvel" method which is by soaking the print in
a weak sodium hypochlorite bath and then clearing with a fine water spray.
     I.C.I stands for Interface Carbon Imbibition. Personally, I would prefer
to forget the name Fresson as it is acting as a barrier to the acceptance of
any new research that may be coming up and, as you intimate, there is some
cudos attached to the name which after all does have some value by the
reputation of the print characteristics and quality. Interesting to note that no
comments have ever been made in public by the Fressons about any of the fressonesque
systems which have been suggested. Nadeau, on the other hand, on this list
has often disputed claims by people working in Direct carbon that tey were
anything like Fresson.
                            Yes, of course I will be trying to sell my
system but wish the Fressons well in their continuation of marketing their prints
to those who appreciate the genre of this Direct Carbon technique....... but,
to put it mildly, it would be nice to hope that others might get a little
nibble of the cake appart from making the process available to the thousands of
students of photography who may be trying to escape from the onslaught of
   Good luck with your Carbon tissue project. Havnt heard from you in a while.
                               John - Photographist
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