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I get my cot 320 from . I haven't
needed a soak (or tried one, or know what it would gain me :^) Most of
the work so far has been getting the process for the prints down (and
learning it.) I've had 20 plus years of darkroom work, but this has been
my first venture into the alt world. I've been using the Ziatype process
for the prints. I've liked the look (fairly neutral gray), and doesn't
require the additional darkroom work/setup (mine having been
disassembled a few years back).


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What is a good source for COT 320?

And does this paper need an oxalic acid soak for palladium printing?


>I've been using COT 320
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>> Yes.. Inkjet first.. Photoshop has a handy registration mark that it

>> will automatically print. Right now I'm printing 8x10 images. I'm
>> getting setup to try 16x20 and 20x24.. And thanks for the feedback
>What paper do you use, Jim?
>Jacques Verschuren
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