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The ones I saw were at the Societe Fraincaise de Photographie in Paris were
definitely labeled as Arvel prints. I was not familiar at that time with
Arvel and the next day brought the topic up at my visit to Atelier Fresson.
Jean-Francois smiled at went to the back and returned with an unopened pack
of Arvel paper with the Fresson name on the label. (I wonder what else is
in that back room?)

Puyo may have experimented with a variety of papers. The prints I saw were
smooth in tone, cool black and not a really great dmax. All were from what
appeared to be one shooting session of a couple of what appeared to be
society women in c.1900 period dress. It was not a comprehensive
collection. Christian Nze was with me and if he is lurking about can
confirm this.

I hope the Societe has revamped its security procedures. We were allowed in
the viewing room with backpacks, no search going in or out! No video or
anyone watching us. We could have taken out a dozen Demachy's if we had


At 08:46 PM 3/7/2004, you wrote:
> Didn't Puyo use Artigue paper, a direct carbon paper?? I don't recall
>"Arvel"...but it was interesting to come across a number of statements of
>his use of the Artigue paper, when some of his prints nowadays are thought
>to be gum prints. They are truly gorgeous.
> > Jim,
> >
> > I'd place my bet that they're Arvel prints. I saw some Puyo's made by the
> > Arvel process in Paris a couple of years ago.
> >
> > Fresson made and sold the Arvel paper. The Fresson's showed my some
> > unopened Arvel paper packages from the turn of the century when I visited
> > them at that time.
> >
> > Arvel is a direct carbon process, sort of like gum in that you develop
> > directly upon the paper that is coated with no transfer as in carbon. It
> > was developed in lavel water, which here in the US is called Clorox.
> > Essentially a thin highly pigmented coat on paper. The Puyo's were very
> > charcoal looking.
> >
> > It is on my list of future projects.
> >
> > --Dick
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