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Date: 03/07/04-09:46:52 PM Z
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     Didn't Puyo use Artigue paper, a direct carbon paper?? I don't recall
"Arvel"...but it was interesting to come across a number of statements of
his use of the Artigue paper, when some of his prints nowadays are thought
to be gum prints. They are truly gorgeous.

> Jim,
> I'd place my bet that they're Arvel prints. I saw some Puyo's made by the
> Arvel process in Paris a couple of years ago.
> Fresson made and sold the Arvel paper. The Fresson's showed my some
> unopened Arvel paper packages from the turn of the century when I visited
> them at that time.
> Arvel is a direct carbon process, sort of like gum in that you develop
> directly upon the paper that is coated with no transfer as in carbon. It
> was developed in lavel water, which here in the US is called Clorox.
> Essentially a thin highly pigmented coat on paper. The Puyo's were very
> charcoal looking.
> It is on my list of future projects.
> --Dick
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