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Date: 03/08/04-11:04:46 AM Z
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I haven't done a lot of testing yet with the inkjet papers. I started
with papers that were considered good for platinum printing. I wasn't
sure how the ink receptor layer would handle platinum. The other reason
was gamut. When printing on uncoated watercolor paper, inkjet images
have a somewhat muted look. This keeps the color from overpowering the
platinum. I just picked up some samples of the Epson Ultrasmooth, which
is an uncoated paper and am going to try printing some with that. I'll
post how it works. I'll also be sending some prints out via the
travelling portfolio.


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Yes, I want to learn it too... I have hard time in locating smooth hot
press watercolor papers in my area (and they're costly compared to
inkjet papers too) but if I can print say... vandykes (untoned/gold
toned), kallitypes (gold/platinum toned) to clay coated (and calcium
carbonate buffered - this obviously keep cyanotype out of the
compatible process list) ultra-smooth matte inkjet papers (such as Epson
Heavyweight Matte, Epson Enhanced Matte or Hahnemuehle Photo Rag series)
that would be very nice. Any experience with these papers (or others)?
How do these hold out to wet processing?


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