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At 08:29 PM 3/6/2004, you wrote:
>I went to a gallery today in Chicago (not Catherine Edelman's gallery
>where there are some photogravures) and saw some "charcoal" prints. They
>were somehow related in the writings sitting around to Fressons. Since my
>spouse liked them, I thought I should find out the process. Anyone have
>any exprience or know what it is? Is it carbon printing? TIA. Jim


I'd place my bet that they're Arvel prints. I saw some Puyo's made by the
Arvel process in Paris a couple of years ago.

Fresson made and sold the Arvel paper. The Fresson's showed my some
unopened Arvel paper packages from the turn of the century when I visited
them at that time.

Arvel is a direct carbon process, sort of like gum in that you develop
directly upon the paper that is coated with no transfer as in carbon. It
was developed in lavel water, which here in the US is called Clorox.
Essentially a thin highly pigmented coat on paper. The Puyo's were very
charcoal looking.

It is on my list of future projects.

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