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From: John Prokos ^lt;>
Date: 03/07/04-11:03:56 AM Z
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How can you possibly be so selfish, arrogant and ignorant at the same time!

Milk costs more than gas in America and they pour milk out to stay
competitive with the world market. We fought a war in Iraq over control of
the commodity called oil, remember the war it was just recently the hot
topic on the news. I guess it is not as "in" now like the Oscars.
Thousands of innocent people have perished and all you Americans can think
about is the price of your precious gallon of gas. Meanwhile you drive
around in your SUV's getting 12 miles to the gallon. I am astounded and fear
the worst if the intellect in this group is at this level.

Wake up! Join the rest of the world and conserve! If you want to boycott
something how about the 110 billion dollar budget for the military that was
spent this year by the US government.

Say what you will, but you are small minded and ignorant. And I won't trade
words with your ilk.


John Prokos
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