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Subject: Re: Advice on Microscope
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 22:16:02 -0800

> What type of eyepiece does it have? Most research
> microscopes are binocular types which make photography
> through them more difficult.

I routinely use Nikon microscope with binocular eyepiece, but the
whole binocular eyepiece assembly can come off and a camera can be
attached. Camera is typically loaded with Tech Pan at EI 100-250 and
processed in HC-110. Some people like HP5+ and process in D-19. Yes,
bracketing is essential.

But when I take pictures I simply bring the specimen to another
microscope with dedicated image acquisition system... (which gives me
TIFF files that are as big as high quality scans from 35mm films)

> I suspect it would not be difficult to rig a
> television camera to any pattern of microscope, they don't
> need much light.

I've used a microscope with dedicated video system, but the image
quality sucked for still photographs. (and my specimen are all still.)

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