Waxing prints

From: Kurt Seefeldt ^lt;seefeldt@umich.edu>
Date: 03/04/04-09:13:44 AM Z
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I have been otherwise occupied for over a year now and am getting ready
to get back to work on my photos. My question today relates to archival
issues of waxing a print to make it glossy instead of matte. I am
thinking about waxing prints that are pigment based made on coated
papers. Do you know of a wax I should use (or one I should avoid) for
this? Would I be jeopardizing the longevity of the print itself?

Thanks for any input!


PS. These are inkjet prints on matte papers, which is a non-silver
process. I know it is stretching things a bit, but I know there are
experts in print conservation on this list.
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