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> I want to thank everyone who offered advice re: my
question about
> microscopes, and to those who offered assistance in my
> especially Gordon and Ryuji.
> My needs are not complicated, however, and I believe that
> I want to do can be satisfied with a fairly low-power unit
> 40-100X. I looked on ebay for several days and eventually
purchased a
> fairly old, but apparently well-built, professional
instrument made
> by Bausch and Lomb.
> Now I have got to figure out how to actually make
photographs with it.
> Sandy King
  What type of eyepiece does it have? Most research
microscopes are binocular types which make photography
through them more difficult. Better if its a monocular, or,
if you are very lucky, it has a third tube, which is for a
camera. I suspect it would not be difficult to rig a
television camera to any pattern of microscope, they don't
need much light.
  Another idea is to search your library for books on
microscopy, there are a number. Also, Kodak at one time had
some good booklets photomicroscopy, there may still be
something available from them.

Richard Knoppow
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