Picceramic company, New York

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Dear List-mmbers,

I am attempting to locate a firm of the name:

    Picceramic Company

who wre formerly located at:

    817 Ethel Place
    Vestal, NY 13850

The reference come from a text, now out-of-print by:

    Photo Art Processes


    Nancy Howell-Koehler

Would appeciate any suggestions, or alternatives.

The information is needed for a friend, who is an Honours Gaduate in Photography at the Shcool of Art, at ANU in Canberra.

She produced portraits of individuals, put the resulting images into a coffee cup, so that as they drank their 'morning' coffee, they would see their face come into focus as they finished. Unfortunately, the images are not permanent, and she is looking for some method of ensuring a safe permanent image.

I have raised this issue briefly some time ago, and received some useful replies from ourDutch listmembers. Unfortunately this has not yet been of help.

would appreciate any suggestions.


Peter McDonald,
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