Re: Digital Carbon Negatives

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Date: 03/03/04-05:18:51 PM Z
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I use the 2000P for making digital negatives for carbon but have no
experience with the Epson 1280. I am told that Keith Schreiber uses
the 1280 and make pyro-colored negatives that block a lot of UV light
and work as spectral negatives for UV processes. I have no idea what
settings he uses in Photoshop to set the color.

Sandy King

>Has anyone had any experience making digital negatives for carbon
>process using the Epson 1280?
>If so, what inkset, curves? I am using the dye based inks on OHP, and
>having a hard time coming up with workable densities. My transmission
>densitometer readings are of no use, since the dye based inks block UV
>differently than darkroom negative's silver. Any hints?
>Jack Reisland
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