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Boy, I hope the material used for the image in those coffee cups isn't
toxic.... the last thing they might see in THIS LIFE is their head coming out of an
empty coffee cup.... not my idea of the bright, glowing light in the distance
with winged angels in white diaphanous frocks (for some reason though, oddly
enough, as I take a second glance, many of them are female and scantily clad)
floating in the air with open arms singing that famous Appalachian Hymn—
"Welcome Home, Ender, All Your Troubles Be Done and There'll Be No More Black Spots
on Your PD Prints"

Mark Nelson

PS: I know a good product liability attorney....
PPS: I don't think my face comes into focus until around 2:00 PM, at least
that's about the earliest I can make it out

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> She produced portraits of individuals, put the resulting images into a
> coffee cup, so that  as they drank their 'morning' coffee, they would see their
> face come into focus as they finished. Unfortunately, the images are not
> permanent, and she is looking for some method of ensuring a safe permanent image.
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