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I have never used the Arches platino paper so I don't have any idea
how it will work with kallitype. But virtually all papers we use for
kallitype can benefit from a soak in 1% oxalic acid, then just hang
to dry without rinsing. But a paper that works very well with
kallitype, with no oxalic acid soak, and is available in virtually
all art supply stores, is the Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper,
cold press heavy weight.

You can get a brown, sepia type tone by toning with *selenium*, but
make sure that you tone *afte*r fixing, and *after a long water
rinse*. I have had miserable results in kallitype with sepia and
brown toners. And they have a horrible odor!!

Send me the image in a private email and I will be happy to look at
it and offer comment.


>I read your article and I think I'm going to start using your
>formula. Is it better to start with dry chemicals and mix my own or
>to buy the premixed chemicals for example the ferric oxalate? Also,
>I've been using arches platino paper. My teacher recommended it.
>I've noticed that after the 40 min wash, it starts to break down.
>Another photo major offered to let me use his watercolor paper.
>Will either of those work or do I need to go with another paper. I
>want a sepia tone to my final image and in your article it did not
>include sepia toning. Can I tone them with a sepia toner or would
>it be better to go with another toner? Final question---for now. I
>have some test prints that didn't work out. If I scanned those in
>and put them on a webpage, would you be willing to let me know
>what's wrong with them? My teacher and I both think it may have
>been older ferric oxalate but due to lack of experience, neither of
>us know. If you could look at them, that would be great. Thanks!
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