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Hi Tamara,

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> Tamara,
> I have never used the Arches platino paper so I don't have any idea
> how it will work with kallitype. But virtually all papers we use for
> kallitype can benefit from a soak in 1% oxalic acid, then just hang
> to dry without rinsing. But a paper that works very well with
> kallitype, with no oxalic acid soak, and is available in virtually
> all art supply stores, is the Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper,
> cold press heavy weight.
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I don't know if it applies to Kallitype (as I didn't tried it) but I use
a (relatively) cheap paper for Cyanotypes (with absolutely no staining)
and Van Dykes (this is much more closer to Kallitype than Cyanotype)
that clears very rapidly: it's "Clairefontaine Etival Cold Press 300gsm
/ 140lb Watercolor". Actually "clears very rapidly" maybe a less than
adequate definition for that paper, "clears at Mach 2" better perhaps ;)
Anyway, if you can find it in your area also try this cotton rag paper
(BTW, I'd try every single affordable paper that I can find.
Unfortunately we don't have much options in Turkey; there are very few
smooth watercolor papers here; most are at the rough side. So, my
testing is limited). See for
information on several watercolor papers (actually see other parts of
the site too - a very nice one!). See for papers that are smooth, both
internally and tub sized with aquapel that incorporate no buffers and
brighteners (my understanding is that papers with these properties are
more likely to be good ones for alt. printing, right?).

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