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Date: 03/02/04-11:16:12 PM Z
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Formulary is fine for chemnicals. But check prices also at Bostick &
Sullivan and Artcraft. You can find any of these folks with a web
search. Also consider where the suppliers are located with reference
to your location. Located in South Carolina I get two day delivery
by UPS ground from Artcraft in New York, three days from B&S in Santa
Fe, and four to five days from Formulary in Montana.


> Sandy--
> I lied about the last question thing. When I bought my
>chemicals, I bought the photo formulary kit from freestyle. This
>next time, I plan on buying bulk. Any recommendations for where to
>get them. I was just going to get them from formulary again but I
>thought I'd ask. Thanks.
> Tamara
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