RE: Platinum Gold Toning Kallitypes

From: Sandy King ^lt;sanking@CLEMSON.EDU>
Date: 03/02/04-11:35:14 AM Z
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>BTW, Sandy can you please lead me to an article about
>how to make potassium oxalate?

Go to

Apparently the instructions originally came from Carl Weese so he may
have something more to say about the mixing.

>As I will not print for an exhibition, do you think I
>can omit the consistency requirements and just tone
>with the same toner by visual inspection and
>prolonging the toning time until it's non-practical?
>(non-practical = more than 15mins.)

I don't recommend it with gold palladium toning because of the danger
of contamination and loss of the toner. Better to screw up 50-100ml
of gold or Pt/Pd toner than a entire liter.

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