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Hi All,

Many thanks for the encouraging replies. For those who couldn't log on to
the web site the correct addy is

Just a few techy notes to answer questions (or maybe enlighten?).

All my work is shot on a 4mpix Leica Digilux1, output on a 1290 onto
Pictorico using Lyson Hex inks.
All gumprints are made on Fab. Artistico 300gsm (hot), preshrunk and 1.5%
gel. sized/formaldehyde hardened.

The pumpkin pictures are my favourites and are the direct result of
radically changing my technique (thanks Katharine T) to using dramatically
less size, drying my coats with a hairdryer and printing immediately,
followed by automatic development.

Anyway, once again thanks for looking- I'm off for a beer!


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