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Thanks for the answer, some more below:

--- Sandy King <sanking@CLEMSON.EDU> wrote:

> I never actually made the sodium citrate. It is not
> really all that
> expensive here in the US so I just buy it already
> mixed. It might
> make more sense, however, to mix your own potassium
> oxalate since it
> is tends to be quite a bit more expensive than
> sodium citrate.

The prices are very nice in the US (I wish I had
included a kg on my last order). Our prices are as
high as $60 for a kg! If it's not too much trouble, I
prefer to make it myself for around $6 per kg. (and
spend the remaining $54 for watercolor papers and
film). Any other comments from those who has mixed
their own sodium citrate?

BTW, Sandy can you please lead me to an article about
how to make potassium oxalate?

> ...
> I have found no other way to get any consistency in
> toning except by
> the use of fresh toner which is discarded after use.

As I will not print for an exhibition, do you think I
can omit the consistency requirements and just tone
with the same toner by visual inspection and
prolonging the toning time until it's non-practical?
(non-practical = more than 15mins.)

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