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The sound and speed of your voice on the phone yesterday reminded me more like
a person aided be 6 or 7 tall Starbucks. Do you think that might have had
something to do with it also.

Wow them at the reviews
Jan Pietrzak

> From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <>
> Date: 2004/03/02 Tue PM 12:55:11 GMT
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> Subject: fastest gum printer in the west-er-east
> A while back someone (forgive me, I forget, but was it Miguel?) posted a
> time chart about how long it took to do a gum print, and I saved it to show
> my professors but then a snafu with my email erased all saved messages.
> Anyway, midterm reviews are today, and yesterday I kid you not: I coated 9
> (!) gums, exposed, developed, and hung to dry in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I
> layer of tricolor, 7 8x11's and 2 11x17's.
> How was this possible? Drying the layers with a hair dryer, and developing
> them with a spray bottle, with a little mania tossed in (I had only a 1 1/2
> hour window of opportunity before I had to leave to TA so necessity was the
> mother of invention).
> *Normally* a gum layer will take me 3 hours to do 9 (not including drying
> time). Then with 3 layers, plus sizing time and producing the digineg time,
> accounting for failures or less than perfect prints, I figure I have about 4
> hours per print.
> I'm running out of sized paper. Good news: I'll be testing Ryuji's
> glutyrlaldehyde (sp) hardener soon, with the next batch.
> Back to work.
> Chris
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