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Date: 03/02/04-09:12:03 AM Z
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I use an electric stirrer to mix pigment/gum solutions. My stirrer is not
designed for mixing drinks, it's for laboratory use. It's a Nuova 7
Stirrer, model # S-18525, manufactured by Thermolyne Corporation. My wife
rescued it from the trash when she worked for a large corporation in their
R&D department. It's easy to use. Simply drop a plastic-coated magnet into
the solution to be mixed, place the container on the stirrer and turn it on.
An offset magnet spins on a turntable underneath the top plate, causing the
magnet in the solution to tumble. Speed can be adjusted from very slow to
very fast. It's convenient to just turn it on and return 10-20-30 minutes

Some dry pigments I use for tricolor:
Block X Yellow - 1g/50ml
Block X Rose Madder - 1g/60ml
Winsor Newton Winsor Blue - 1g/130ml

I often use Cyanotype to print the Cyan image, followed by Yellow and Rose
Madder. I've used a variety of other pigments from other manufacturers.
They all need thorough testing as they all vary, often drastically.

Best regards,
Dave Rose
Big Wonderful Wyoming

> This past week I took up Dave Rose's suggestion to buy one of those drink
> mixers to mix powdered pigments into gum (which, as I was walking out of
> store with, I managed to bump a shelf set and send china crashing to the
> floor). The last time I mixed pigment I used my Cuisenart--NOT a good
> Powdered pigment went everywhere all over my kitchen. You don't know how
> powerful powdered pigments are until you have to wipe them up. This time
> I'll take my drink mixer and pigments outside. With my drink.
> Dave, I lost the email that gave your proportions of powdered tricolor to
> gum. Would you be willing to share those amounts again? I've got jars of
> Daniel Smith powdered pigment I was going to compare with the tube pigment
> have been using. Anyone else who uses powdered pigments, please share
> amounts, too, and also what pigment name.
> The three tricolors I have been using in tubes are gamboge, winsor blue
> shade, and some quinacridone pink/red/magenta I forgot to label. One full
> tube to 50 ml gum as my stock solution, then that mixed 1+3 with straight
> gum. Gamboge is a less intense yellow than cadmium yellow.
> Sorry to glut the list with 3 emails at once all about gum printing, but
> on a roll...Ed Buffaloe has graciously offered to post some of my gums to
> his website since I am heretofore website illiterate, so
> when that happens, I'll let the list know.
> Chris
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