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Thats the problem that I kept getting, and I came to the list and no
one had ever heard about it. When you used powdered egg whites it
begins to form a partial solid way before using regular eggs. So if
you are going to use powdered albumen, besure to use it all at once...

On Jun 16, 2004, at 6:14 AM, Kees Brandenburg wrote:

> hi chris,
> I tried albumen powder recently for albumen printing and had my
> (albumen) workshop students (hi, bert) test it alongside with 'normal'
> albumen paper.
> This albumen powder was 'spraydried', whatever that may be, and
> pasteurized.
> I got a free sample from the Dutch egg product firm NIVE
> <>.
> They were so kind to give me 250 gr of their #1352 'high gel' chicken
> egg white powder. It is normally sold in a 12 kilo bag, which contains
> the dried whites of 3000 eggs. It is marketed as a product to stiffen
> sausages.....
> I diluted it as advised (1+7, looked like normal albumen), mixed in
> salt and whipped it to a froth as I do with fresh albumen.
> After letting it rest for 24 hours I had a liquid albumen that looked
> very different from the normal yellow albumen from fresh whites. It
> looked more like milk than albumen. After testing it on paper (float
> and brush coating) it did behave and print normal.
> Actually we could not tell the difference between prints with the
> powdered albumen and prints with the fresh albumen. Only the powdered
> paper smelled a bit more like egg.
> But: there is another big difference. After keeping this albumen in
> the fridge for some time it continued to 'gel' (remember it was 'high
> gel') and now it looks like creamy acrylic paint or case´ne. It still
> smell's more or less the same (eggy). My fresh egg albumen keeps for
> weeks and does not change like that.
> Are you planning to mix albumen, pigment and dichromate? My creamy
> substance can maybe hold pigment nicely. Maybe even more as I change
> the dilution. But does dichromate harden albumen? Let's test it!
> kees
>> Those of you doing the albumen process, do powdered egg whites work
>> equally
>> well, or at all?
>> Chris
>> PS aren't you SHOCKED this is not about gum? Well,
>> is, but I
>> won't discuss it just yet.
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