Re: powdered albumen

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Date: 06/16/04-06:55:53 AM Z
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hi chris,
Indeed, it hardens. How could I forget about temperaprint!

About earthy smells: I noticed a big difference between the smell
from supermarket industial poultry eggwhite and 'fresh from the hen'
eggwhite. the first being the earthiest. They print the same though.
Powdered albumen smells also very earthy but different. You could
call the powdered albumen paper a very earthy paper.

Maybe the household powdered albumens are different than mine (a full
strenght industrial one). I noticed that some of them, like Actiwhite
< >, contain
suger and citric acid.


> Kees, yes, dichromate hardens albumen, as it is a colloid.
> I unfortunately have a very sensitive nose and it smells a little
>earthy for me.
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