Re: 5 Digital Camera Questions

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/13/04-11:10:36 PM Z
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On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:

> You also may want to try an after market manual. I know the after
> market manual for my Fuji S2 is FAR better than the original. See here:

Tom, I asked every analog person I know who might have a clue if there was
a 3rd party manual, and they said they hadn't heard of one. I gather that
this is, however, from Canon-- if they can do it, you wonder why they
don't... (And why even the website didn't mention it.) But thank you very
much for that information....(How does that line go: "Knowledge is
battery power"???)

> Most folks, once they learn it, love digital.

I assume it would have been easier if I'd started with a simpler
camera... but they want to sell cameras, why don't they make it easier?
(No need to answer, that's a rhetorical question.)

again thanks for info & web addresses...

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