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Date: 06/14/04-10:02:42 PM Z
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I wrote ....
> > However, I have a hunch that the wash water is also a factor if not
> > factor. I've heard of printers who did everything identically & one had
> > dichromate staining, the other not. The only difference was geographic.
> > I once brought a liter of water home from Washington State to test that...
> > but a liter wasn't enough --the test got screwed up somewhow, but from the
> > little I did see that was a real possibility.

Katharine wrote:
..... one jar of water couldn't possibly tell you
> much, regardless.

Au contraire -- if I hadn't bobbled the test by something extraneous, it
could have told more... as it was, it was evidence. I coated two strips
just large enough for 21-steps, exposed them identically and then
developed in separate containers just slightly larger than those little
strips, changing water (as I recall) maybe 3 times.

In fact (this was quite a few years ago so I'd have to go through the file
to be sure, but from memory:) the Elsewhere water showed more dichromate
stain than the Here water in a 1/2 hour development. I had some water
left, in fact, and planned to try a variation (probably more exposure) but
then something happened (memory fails on what) -- so I was left
with the initial test. Obviously this can't be definitive -- but it is a

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