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Judy wrote:

> Etienne, It starts to look somewhat mysterioso -- I KNOW I charged the
> battery to the max the first two times, but the 3rd time seems to be
> lasting much longer (not to tempt fate by saying that)

Nickle-metal hydride batteries definitely work better after several
charging cycles. I've not heard that about lithium-ion batteries like the
ones in your G5, but it is certainly possible.

> since RAW takes more memory, you are probably putting fewer
> images on a 256 MB card than I am. And if the RAW file takes the same
> battery power (maybe less, since the camera isn't processing the image?)
> that could account for SOME of the discrepancy in numbers of shots.

It may be a wash, shot for shot, with less processing but more writing to
memory for the RAW files. You're right, I'm putting 50-ish shots on a 256
Mb card, and you're probably putting 200-ish (though remember, I edit
aggressively while shooting, so I've exposed more than 100 by the time it's
full -- sometimes way more).

> Oh yes, I do autofocus. And I do zoom.
> But surely zoom doesn't take
> that much battery... does it?

No, focus and zoom shouldn't take that much.

>> You mentioned that the flash was going off sometimes

> Yes, it flashed even in full sun. But now I've turned it off, except where
> really needed.

I suspect this and the batteries getting better with use are the bulk of
the improvement you've seen. I hope it continues!

>> ... Are you in continuous-focus mode,
> What's that? The term isn't familiar.

There are two focus modes, one-shot and continuous [accessed through the
"MENU" button and 4-way rocker]. Canon sets the default to continuous, so
if you wave the camera around it constantly adjusts the focus (by the way,
this is probably a much better bet for moving subjects than manual focus --
I've not tried, but I bet trying to focus on that marvelous, but small LCD
monitor would be an exercise in frustration). On single shot, the camera
focuses when you press the shutter button halfway, then stays there until
you let the shutter button up and press it halfway again. I use
continuous, so I don't think this is a major source of current drain.

>> How about reviewing shots? I think the
>> factory default post-shot monitor time is 2 seconds
> I admit, I put it at 6 seconds. That longer view can be very helpful at
> this stage...

> Meanwhile, thank you: The info is again extremely helpful. (How did
> people ever learn this camera without a "list"?)

I actually find the Canon manuals to be pretty straightforward and easy to
understand, though they are very densely packed. Must be the engineer in
me.... Someone suggested going through the DPReview, which discusses each
function -- I think this is a very good idea.

Best regards,

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