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Date: 06/14/04-05:11:29 PM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:

> Au contraire -- if I hadn't bobbled the test by something extraneous, it
> could have told more... as it was, it was evidence. I coated two strips
> just large enough for 21-steps, exposed them identically and then
> developed in separate containers just slightly larger than those little
> strips, changing water (as I recall) maybe 3 times.
> In fact (this was quite a few years ago so I'd have to go through the file
> to be sure, but from memory:) the Elsewhere water showed more dichromate
> stain than the Here water in a 1/2 hour development. I had some water
> left, in fact, and planned to try a variation (probably more exposure) but
> then something happened (memory fails on what) -- so I was left
> with the initial test. Obviously this can't be definitive -- but it is a
> clue.

I first read your point about the Washington State water to mean that it
stained less and that explained why I don't get stain, being as I live
in Washington State.

(One thing I had to learn when I lived for a while on the east coast was
that back there they refer to the nation's capital as "Washington" and
the state as "Washington State" whereas out here we refer to the state
as "Washington" and the nation's capital as "Washington D.C." but I

Now I see that what you mean is that water from somewhere else stained
more than your water at home, giving you to think that water could be a
factor in dichromate stain. That I can buy as a hypothesis; the other I
had a problem with as a conclusion.
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