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Date: 06/14/04-04:29:15 PM Z
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Eric, earlier Richard K. suggested to contact Kodak (he supplied an 800 #),
which I did. After several attempts and persuading someone who wanted my
account number (which I don't have) that I simply wanted to know if the
mailers were still honored, I was able to find out they still honor them and
that the address they should be sent to is in NJ

Kodak Processing Lab
16-31 Route 208
Fairlawn NJ 07410

If anyone want's these mailer's let me know.........


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> Nick, I just had a terrible experience with a Kodak mailer. I had a roll
> of Kodachrome 200 that I'd had for a while nicely frozen. In a pinch, I
> decided to use it since I had a mailer kicking around. I had always been
> able to drop them off directly at the lab when I was in the Palo Alto area
> and knew there was a Qualex facility here in Dallas. I drove over to it
> they would not accept it for shipping to the NJ lab, nor would they give
> the NJ labs address. I had to go on line to get that. After sending it
> regular mail I waited, and waited and waited. Finally, I contacted Kodak
> and was told it left their lab on May 4th. It did not show up at my
> Well I had many emails with them to clarify contradictory information that
> I'd been getting over the phone. They put a tracer on it with the US Post
> office and I put one in with my local PO. They finally got it back after
> weeks marked no such address. I had received bad service from my post
> office before, but my address has been used by me for almost 5 years, and
> others long before me. Kodak reshipped it in a priority envelop and it
> it with no problem.
> I think if I had 9 rolls, I'd send them all at once with a fed ex #. I
> plan on restocking any more Kodachrome.
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> > Is anyone knowledgeable about the continued honoring of Kodak slide
> > mailers???
> >
> > I have 9 of the 36 exposure mailers that are quite a few years old.
> >
> > Does anyone have any use for them?
> >
> > Many thanks,
> >
> > Nick
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