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From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/13/04-11:17:11 AM Z
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I fully agree, RAW was one of the main reason I was considered
replacing my 707. I have the Fuji S2 for studio work and love the RAW
files. The S2 (and a bag of lenses) is just too big for walking around,
ski trips, family vacations (for me at least). The lack of RAW files
and TERRIBLE color balance with studio strobes with the 707 is (for my
use) its weakest links. Amazingly good continuous light images for the
size/price though :-)

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> One feature I would look for is the ability to capture in RAW files.
> Mark Nelson
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> I recently went through researching a new walk around / family vacation
> dig to replace my 707. All of my "possibles" (Olympus C8080, Nikon
> 8700, Sony 828, Konica A2) included an EVF, so I thought they were
> universal. I finally decided I wasn't going to gain anything but a
> larger MasterCard payment and simply kept my 707! I'm not convinced
> that anything larger than 5Megapixels in a consumer sized chip gains
> you anything but color fringing.
Tom Ferguson
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