Re: Consider NJ (Re: photography in Nashville, Virginia, wherever)

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Date: 06/03/04-04:02:15 PM Z
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Well, study them carefully. Lots of wonderful T-shirt potential in
the SOUTH, no doubt about it.

And, if you do wind up coming to Myrtle Beach I will try to drag Sam
Wang down to the coast to spend a little time with you.

But wow, I am just overwhelmed with this new Judy attitude! You
always said that you did not need to travel because you were already
there in NY. What gives? You must have an overwhelming urge to
document this research as thoroughly as possible, right?



>On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, STUART GOLDSTEIN wrote:
>> Waz za matta with Joisey? Ya gotta problem wit us?
>> Huh?
>My thought was that *politically* New Jersey was very much like New York
>-- and I'm here already ! And much as I love it, I worried that it's just
>too New York... I mean for instance I haven't seen one "Kill Them All and
>Let God Sort It Out" t-shirt, or for that matter one pro-Bush shirt, etc.
>etc. and I know they're out there... somewhere.
>The travel suggestions sound terrific... I need to study them some more...
>and will probably ask more questions... I probably should do every one
>of them to really cover the subject. (Hope I can talk myself out of THAT
>great idea !)
>Meanwhile -- Christina, you mean you got the nice wrist strap with the
>CHEAP version and I got the nasty neck strap with the EXPENSIVE version...
>Now that's a rook !!
>more later, meanwhile thanks to all..
>PS. As it happens, New Jersey is my fail-safe -- I know I can get there &
>the weather is no nastier than NYC.
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