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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/13/04-11:30:51 AM Z
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On Sun, 13 Jun 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:
> >> EVF is geek speak for "Electronic View Finder". Most consumer dig
> >> cameras don't have an "optical" system when you look in the "peep
> >> hole", they have a TINY TV screen (I'm assuming the G5 has this).

I'm rushing to get out to Coney Island before dark, so can't ask the rest
of my questions now (just time to say blessings, blessings on the digital
mavens of this list, because I would be in the depths of despond without
their help -- instead of trudging, trudging, as I am, along the plain of

We may be talking about two different things... I THOUGHT Tom mentioned
"EV," and my manual definitely lists an "EV rating," also in one of her
posts, Chris said she kept her camera set at .7 EV. This seems different
from "EVF" and not to relate to "Electronic View Finder."

My G5 does have a teeny tiny optical view finder, which is, as Etienne
says, degraded by a large hunk of the lens... also very tiny & blurry,
though blurry is because i'm looking through the TOPS of my bifocals
(which worked with Nikon SLR -- so that's ANOTHER difference between
digital & analog, at least in these 2 makes). When other stuff is under
control, I'll try adjusting the diopter button to make view finder work
better -- but I'd REALLY like to make the LCD monitor work -- that's what
I bought the G5 for !

in haste,

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