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Date: 06/13/04-07:50:54 AM Z
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Thanks for the correction. I guess I and friends are drawn to the
SLR-alikes ;-)

I recently went through researching a new walk around / family vacation
dig to replace my 707. All of my "possibles" (Olympus C8080, Nikon
8700, Sony 828, Konica A2) included an EVF, so I thought they were
universal. I finally decided I wasn't going to gain anything but a
larger MasterCard payment and simply kept my 707! I'm not convinced
that anything larger than 5Megapixels in a consumer sized chip gains
you anything but color fringing.

On Saturday, June 12, 2004, at 06:46 PM, Etienne Garbaux wrote:

> Tom wrote:
>> EVF is geek speak for "Electronic View Finder". Most consumer dig
>> cameras don't have an "optical" system when you look in the "peep
>> hole", they have a TINY TV screen (I'm assuming the G5 has this).
> No, this is unique to the prosumer "SLR-alikes." The G5 has a zoomable
> optical viewfinder, just like a 35mm point and shoot. The only thing
> wrong with it (in my opinion) is that the lens barrel intrudes into the
> view, blocking part of your composition.

Tom Ferguson
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