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Tom wrote:

> EVF is geek speak for "Electronic View Finder". Most consumer dig
> cameras don't have an "optical" system when you look in the "peep
> hole", they have a TINY TV screen (I'm assuming the G5 has this).

No, this is unique to the prosumer "SLR-alikes." The G5 has a zoomable
optical viewfinder, just like a 35mm point and shoot. The only thing
wrong with it (in my opinion) is that the lens barrel intrudes into the
view, blocking part of your composition.

[Judy -- an EVF is a viewfinder window, up to which you put your eye, that
gives you a magnified view of an internal LCD screen more or less like the
one on the back of your G5. If you glued a loupe to your LCD screen, you'd
have the idea, but in the SLR-alikes they are internal.]

The lens on the G5 is 7mm-29mm actual focal length (my G3 says 7.2 - 28.8),
approximately equivalent in angular view to a 35-140mm lens on a 35mm
camera. (Approximate because the aspect ratio of a 35mm frame is 3:2 and
the sensor chip in the G5 is 4:3.) But because the actual focal length is
so short, the G5 has way more depth of field than a 35mm camera at the same
view angle and f-stop.

Don't worry about overcharging -- the chargers in Canon cameras and the
Canon external charger are very smart and will not overcharge the battery.

After being shortened to about 2/3 of its original length, my lens cap
tether is attached to the left strap lug (not the strap -- the strap can be
removed and the cap is still tethered).

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