Re: Pictorico OHP shredding in Epson 7600

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Date: 06/13/04-10:08:30 PM Z
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Hi Meredith,

My friends who were helping me out and who were having the problem opted to
spring for a roll of the stuff. The felt (and rightly so) that the quality
was well worth the added cost. This will presumably cure all these
mechanical, sheet-feeding problems associated with Pictorico and the 7600.

Best wishes,

At 06:59 AM 6/13/2004, you wrote:
>I have had similar problems with Pictorico and the 7600. My solution is
>to first neuter the switch which shuts off the print head when the front
>door is opened because I have had problems with a band across the negative
>if I have to restart the print head. This does not happen with regular
>prints. Next just as printing starts I slip the cardboard from the
>pictorico up through the feed path from below and lap it over the bottom
>edge of the Pictorico just below the print head to hold the Pictorico
>toward the back of the printer untill it feeds on past the print
>rollers. At this point you have to remember to close the front door or
>the emerging negative will jam against the door support. As you do all of
>this be VERY careful not to have the moving print head impact your hand
>because it could very definitely do you significant damage.
>I was not able to get any help from either Pictorico or Epson for this
>problem. I also was not able to change the suction to make any
>difference. All of the above is a pain in the butt but has been the only
>way I can seem to make this work without shredding problems. Any other
>suggestions would be most welcome!
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