Re: Dark reaction in dichromated colloids

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Date: 06/12/04-07:00:38 PM Z
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My experience is that freezing sensitized but unexposed
carbon tissue at 40 degrees F or lower completely eliminates the dark effect
for all practical purposes for very extended periods. Tissue stored this
way will
have virtually the same printing characteristics six months
or a year later as when freshly sensitized.

Sandy King

> What happens if you freeze it?
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>>      You are absolutely right about dark reaction and humidity.  In MT
>> my
>> darkroom was in the basement of the house(a half basement, not a deep
>> one)--no windows, dark, cool, and dry, dry, dry.  I could keep paper 6
>> days
>> I think, and it'd still work fine, albeit a bit darker orange.  I cannot
>> do
>> that in either MN or SC, but considering dark reaction is affected by
>> heat,
>> humidity, and pH, MN and SC are out for the former two.
>> Chris
> Mark Nelson
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