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Date: 06/12/04-10:15:36 AM Z
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Kate Mahoney wrote:
> Quoting Katherine:
> I think my lack of dichromate stain is probably related to the type of
> light I use more than anything else. In fact I'm beginning to think
> Do you really think it's your light? I used to use sunlight, found the
> stain less than with the mercury vapour lamp I'm using now - but I may
> have it too close to the work.

Well, I don't know what else to "blame" it on but the light. I don't
know about a mercury vapor light, how that compares. But if I remember
right, Judy doesn't get dichromate stain either and she uses a different
light than I do, so who knows.

It's interesting though that you say that you got less stain with
sunlight; I'm not sure what to think about that. Do you mean direct sun?
I printed in direct sun once, and I did get dichromate stain that time.

> Could it be your washing water

I doubt it, as I've lived in three different towns while I've been
printing gum, with different water sources, so unless Northwest water
is more wonderful than other water somehow (which I doubt, actually) I
don't think it's the water.

or method??????

Well, my method is pretty straightforward and unexceptional, so......

I'm curious - I always get
> a little stain and I hadn't realised how pervasive it was when I was in
> the early experimental stage - until I finally cleared some prints
> properly. Then I was amazed!!!

As I've mentioned, clearing with the usual agents (sodium bisulfite or
potassium metabisulfite) doesn't change my prints, and I think the
reproductions on the website show fairly well that the colors are clear
and bright. The light is the only thing that makes sense to me, to
explain it.
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