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Date: 06/12/04-04:28:41 PM Z
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Quoting Katherine:
I think my lack of dichromate stain is probably related to the type of
light I use more than anything else. In fact I'm beginning to think I
was just unbelievably fortunate as a gum printer in the choices I've
made and the circumstances of my life. I live in a cool humid climate,
which I think may be the ideal climate for gum printing. I picked a
light that was cheap and simple to start with, and it has proved so
great I've never felt any need to change.

Do you really think it's your light? I used to use sunlight, found the
stain less than with the mercury vapour lamp I'm using now - but I may
have it too close to the work.
 Could it be your washing water or method???? I'm curious - I always get
a little stain and I hadn't realised how pervasive it was when I was in
the early experimental stage - until I finally cleared some prints
properly. Then I was amazed!!!!

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