Re: Apologies to the Members of this list.

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Thanks for the cookies and milk, Mark.

As far as step wedge or step tablet is concerned, it kind of depends on who you are talking to. We always refer to anything on film as a step wedge and anything on paper, or a reflective surface, as a step tablet. However, over the years I've talked to people who use step wedge/tablet as a generic term meaning anything with a stepped scale of gray.

Kevin Morris
Stouffer Industries

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  Thank God you got back safely! Everyone on the list was concerned. We started a phone tree to keep everyone updated on your movements. Talk about a bunch of Step Wedgies!

  Welcome back to the list. Actually you provided us with a little diversion from the usual fare, so all is forgiven. Cookies and Milk for everyone!

  OK, while you are here, is it "Step Wedge" or "Step Tablet"?

  Mark Nelson

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    I'd like to apologize to the members of the list for my auto response. I set
    that up late in the day before I left for vacation and completely forgot
    about un-subscribing to the list while I was gone. There is enough spam for
    everyone to handle without me adding to it.

    I have temporarily subscribed under a different email so I could send
    everyone this apology. I would like be still belong to this fine list as
    long as everyone would be nice enough to forgive my spam mishap.

    Just so everyone knows, I'm back in my office and doing well. While I was
    out, I worked on some home improvements, when fishing, and even did a little
    bit of photography. I think I'll have a few shots that will look nice as a

    Now, since I've just returned from a week away from the office I have a lot
    of catching up to do and plenty of Stouffer step wedges to make.

    Again, I apologize for the auto response message and it is nice to know that
    you guys were concerned of my whereabouts.


    Kevin Morris
    Stouffer Industries
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