Re: Roller marks on output

From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;>
Date: 06/04/04-08:44:07 AM Z
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Chance are, this is not the solution. But, in the interest of general

I had problems with my (old and replaced) Epson 1200 and "roller
marks". I turned out that ink had gotten onto the rollers. Ink does get
everywhere in these machines. Take one apart and clean it, you will be
amazed! The easiest solution I could find was to take a full sized
paper and LIGHTLY spray it with windex (ammonia based window cleaner).
Run that through the machine three times and then repeat with a new
clean windex spayed sheet. Clean rollers.

This wouldn't be a likely answer to a machine that only has roller
marks on one particular type of "paper" :-(

Tom Ferguson
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