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If the inks are taking more than a day to dry, then the ink is just not
compatible with the film—that isn't unusual, since films/papers and inks are
designed to go together or not.... I would recommend going with a different film
rather than making drastic changes in the printer.

If Christine got this combination of UCF film and 2200/ultrachrome inks to
work, then there is something different between what she is doing and what you
are doing. Printer settings? Inks used in the inkset? The film is labeled
the same, but actually something different about it? I wonder who actually
manufactures this film? Is it designed for Ultrachrome Pigment? Dye Inks?
 Archival Pigment Inks? Durabright Inks?

I think a while back there was a mystery about Cone Quad inks—someone was
able to use them with Pictorico and others could not. I tested one of the Cone
ink sets with Pictorico and it would wipe right off—even two days later. But
perhaps another Cone inkset might work. Quad Blacks are not a very good ink
set for digital negatives anyway.

Two questions: Are you printing with black ink only or color inks? What
media setting?

Mark Nelson

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> I haven't seen a problem yet on anything except this UCF film.  You know
> the
> ink was still wet on the film more then a day after it was printed. hmm.
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