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From: Mike Klemmer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/03/04-08:29:52 PM Z
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There's a guy on Ebay who sells a fix for the 2200 roller wheel problem that
you could try. I have no idea if it works or not.

Beyond that it was suggested to me to try using the glossy setting which
lays down less ink, or to uncheck the high speed printing box in the
advanced options, which causes the printer head to lay down ink in only one
direction. This will give the ink a little more time to dry before it hits
the rollers.


Michael Klemmer

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Subject: OT: Roller marks on output

> Hello everyone,
> Like one or two others on the list, I've been getting roller marks lately
> output from my Epson 2200. I tried contacting Epson customer service and
> got one of those blame-the-customer replies that is so *helpful* in terms
> elevating the blood pressure. I believe there is a list like this one on
> the web that focuses on Epson printers, and wonder if anyone could give me
> directions.
> Thx, Michael
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