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Does M. Graham have a web site? Chris mentioned M. Graham as a quality
source of watercolor last summer I believe (during the Summer of Gum).

Also it seems like the Gum Overists are using dry pigments instead of tubed.
Is there an advantage of one over the other?


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> > Tom, I've probably gotten 20 or more different watercolor colors from
> > Daniel Smith -- I have reservations about plugging DS because for all I
> > know they lock their employees in a cave in the dark on bread and water
> > (carbs !) --
> Why would you think this?
> but every one of those colors was good and worked well. The
> > catalog names the pigment
> No, the catalog doesn't name the pigment. It names the name Daniel Smith
> gives the paint, just like any other catalog does. True, Daniel Smith is
> better about calling a paint by the actual name of its pigment than a
> lot of manufacturers, but people should not be misled to think that the
> names of watercolors listed in Daniel Smith catalog are the names of
> the pigments that the paints contain. For example, their "quinacridone
> red" is actually quinacridone violet, PV19, and so forth.
> What colors I can't get in M.Graham I get from Daniel Smith. They are
> very good paints, and I doubt very much their employees are held in
> caves and fed bread and water; I don't think they would be so cheerful
> and helpful if that were the case.
> kt
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