Re: Gum Tri-Color Yellow

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Date: 06/03/04-11:11:45 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:
> Tom, I've probably gotten 20 or more different watercolor colors from
> Daniel Smith -- I have reservations about plugging DS because for all I
> know they lock their employees in a cave in the dark on bread and water
> (carbs !) --

Why would you think this?
but every one of those colors was good and worked well. The
> catalog names the pigment

No, the catalog doesn't name the pigment. It names the name Daniel Smith
gives the paint, just like any other catalog does. True, Daniel Smith is
better about calling a paint by the actual name of its pigment than a
lot of manufacturers, but people should not be misled to think that the
names of watercolors listed in Daniel Smith catalog are the names of
the pigments that the paints contain. For example, their "quinacridone
red" is actually quinacridone violet, PV19, and so forth.

What colors I can't get in M.Graham I get from Daniel Smith. They are
very good paints, and I doubt very much their employees are held in
caves and fed bread and water; I don't think they would be so cheerful
and helpful if that were the case.
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