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Date: 06/03/04-10:44:51 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Katharine Thayer wrote:
> > .... I guess your point is that the
> > same pigment packaged by different manufacturers will be somewhat
> > different in behavior, but my point is they will be much more similar
> > than they are different.
> In my experience that depends... for instance a Rowney Quinacridone red (I
> think they called it Rose Red) had so little pigment, it required triple
> the paint to look red... which did change its behavior in other respects.

Well, I guess they don't make it any more; at least I can't find it in
my sources. Rowney does have a quinacridone red (PR209) that's called
quinacridone red, but is said to very good and very similar to
M.Graham's quinacridone red (M. Graham's colors are well pigmented).
Rowney has a rose dore, that's a terrible (IMO, because of the
impermanence) mixture of PR83 and PR4, both fugitive. And it has a
permanent rose, that's quinacridone violet (PV19). So I don't know what
that "rose red" was, but I suspect it is no more.
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