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Date: 06/03/04-06:40:54 AM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't explain myself well. It prints with a "normal" gum
> negative at a "normal" gum exposure time and has a "normal" number of
> step wedge units between full tone and white. I don't think I'm
> getting enough maximum density (it is too pale), thus (as stated in
> another reply) I'm trying the Daniel Smith version of your favorite
> Yellow (pigment PY110).

Thanks, that's what I thought you meant, but wanted to be sure. I agree
that a change of pigment is probably a better solution than adding more
of the light pigment. Trying to make a light or weak pigment dark or
strong by adding more of it reminds me of the story about the guy who
owned a small factory and was losing money on every item he made; his
solution to the problem: "heck, I'll just increase sales and make it up
in volume." Of course if you're using too little pigment to start with,
that would be one thing, but I would expect you to be using a mix that
would exploit the full potential of the pigment.

I have a comment about PY 110 on another mail.
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