Re: new/old weird method of sizing perhaps?

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Date: 06/02/04-07:21:20 PM Z
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From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <>
Subject: new/old weird method of sizing perhaps?
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 18:37:09 -0500

> If this were possible, then you could always have your solution
> ready to go.

What's the problem with storing plain gelatin solution in the fridge
until the time you use it, and then take the portion to be used,
microwave it for a few seconds, stir it, and microwave again, until it
becomes consistent solution? (usually takes me 2 cycles) I just don't
want to let any part of the gelatin to boil hard. Mixing once or twice
helps a lot. Then add hardener and coat.

In order to prevent bacterial/fungal growth, I add a small amount of
2-phenylphenol in the gelatin solution when dry gelatin is dissolved.

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