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“There are usually some very faint scratch marks in the film after getting
dragged through the printer”
I experienced this on my 1280.
Try putting a sheet of paper in the feeder area then the OHT film on top of
It will give the film a soft surface to slide against instead of the hard
plastic surface.
It cured my scratching problem.

Houston, TX

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I am using standard Epson 2200 photo inks indeed, with the photo black
cartridge. I ran another set of tests with the Ultrafine Clear Film. I
printed on both sides of the medium just for safe measure, even though I'm
sure that I printed on the correct side the first time. Printing on the
non-emulsion side turned into an ugly mess.

This time I used the slow print setting, as well as using the glossy
profile, which uses the least amount of ink. I did get roller marks on the
film again. The ink feeling like it's not 'setting' into the emulsion, but
rather dries on the surface. It brushes right off when touched or if it
gets wet.

Pictorico OHP has worked quite well for me with the 2200. There are usually
some very faint scratch marks in the film after getting dragged through the
printer, but I it hasn't affected my prints. The Pictorico emulsion resists
scratching nicely after the ink fully dries. I have resorted to using my
fingernail on a few occasions to remove stubborn specs of dust, and it has
barely affected the negative film at all.

I really like the 11x17 film size of UCF. It fills a much needed gap that
Pictorico doesn't offer.



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I was never clear about the end result with the Ultrafine Inkjet Crystal
Clear film.

Were you using standard Epson inks with the Photo Black cartridge?

Did you ever get the film to print ok?

It sounded as though you had no problem with Pictorico, correct?

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